The Ultimate Driving Test Preparation: PDA Package


Get PDA Package. You can have 60-minutes practice in Dovetail Driving manual or automatic car, then take your Practical Driving Assessment in the same vehicle.

You can order the PDA package directly. You may also phone Lisa at Dovetail Driving School at  0427 036 106, email her at, or send her a message via contact form.

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1. Ace the Test: PDA Package

Ensure your success on test day with our comprehensive PDA Package. We provide a comfortable, up-to-date vehicle for your test, taking the stress out of your preparations with our Car Rental And Practice Before The Test.

2. Practice Makes Perfect: Pre-Test Practice

Our PDA Package also includes a valuable pre-test practice session. You'll get the chance to hone your driving skills, identify areas to focus on and build your confidence before the big day.

3. Peace of Mind: Car Rental

Leave your worries behind with our reliable car rental. We ensure that the vehicle you're driving for your test is safe, clean, and road-worthy, giving you one less thing to think about.


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