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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do driving lessons cost?

Prices are based on the length of the lesson.

Please see Pricing Tab.

How many lessons do I need to pass the test?

This is different for everybody. Some need only a few lessons; others need a few more.

Don’t have 2-3 months gaps between lessons as you may forget new skills and need to relearn these, which may be expensive.

How long is a lesson ?
Lisa does a minimum of one hour, a maximum of 2. Most students choose 1 or 1 1/2 hour. For some DOT (Dept of Transport) locations, 2 hours are requested.
Can I book a lesson on weekends?

Of course. Note: Saturdays are popular, and you need to book early. Sunday is my church day, so only for special circumstances.

Does Dovetail Driving offer discounts ?

At times, these are offered on a case to case basis.

Can I take automatic car lessons ?

Of course. Lisa also does upgrade from automatic to manual.

Do I need a learner's permit to upgrade to manual driver licence?

Yes, you need a permit to remove the “auto-only” restriction on your licence. This charge will cover the cost of your first PDA (test).

However, you may drive a manual car with displayed L-plates and a supervisor driver before you get your permit.

Can I take an intensive course ?

Yes, of course.

You can do this as long as you have a break every two hours.

If I am not satisfied, do you offer a refund ?

If you are dissatisfied, something can be arranged.

May I use Dovetail Driving car for test?

Yes, Dovetail Driving cars are available for hire.

What is logbook?

A logbook is a record of your driving history.
Keep it in a safe place; if you lose it, you have to start again.

Did you know about the new Learn and Log App?