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Freeway Driving Lessons

Dovetail Driving is helping new drivers to learn to safely enter the end exit freeway while driving at high speed. The freeway driving lessons are a very important part of our courses.


Safe Freeway Merging


Proper Lane Changing


Leaving the Freeway


Emergency or Car Breakdown

Why Freeway Driving School With Us

You must gain training and experience driving on the freeway as soon as you are ready. That includes freeway driving during rush hour when the road is cluttered or during the road works that are frequent in Perth.

Taking the freeway is the quickest way to take you around Perth.

Therefore, if you did not get freeway driving lessons during your initial driving instruction, it is advisable to do so to improve your skills and make freeway driving in WA a better experience for all road users.

Freeway driving lessons are included in the driving course for beginners for manual and automatic cars. However, if you need refresher lessons to boost your confidence or need more practice and training on freeway driving, you can book individual lessons with Lisa.

Lisa will assess your skill and assertiveness and advise you on how many hours you need to get competent. A freeway diving lesson costs the same as a regular driving lesson. Call her on 0427 036 106 to book your lessons.

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Safe Freeway Merging

Know and practice how to enter the freeway safely by properly indicating, speeding up and merging
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Before you start learning to drive on the freeway, you really need to feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. Entering the freeway for the first time may be a terrifying experience, particularly if you have never driven before.

At Dovetail Driving, Lisa will make sure you are ready to take this important step. She will

  • instruct you how to adjust your speed to the traffic on the freeway as you drive along the freeway entry ramp,
  • show you how to merge smoothly without dangerous sharp angles,
  • remind you about the necessity of correct signalling your intentions by using the indicator.

Lisa will keep you calm and secure during the first encounter of high-speed traffic.

Call Lisa to book a safe freeway merging lesson at 0427 036 106

Proper Lane Changing

Change lanes by indicating in advance as well as being aware of and checking up the cars in the blind spot

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One of the greatest challenges for a new motorist is changing lanes while at high speed. The first rule you will learn is that you have to think for yourself and others, as you can’t guess other drivers intentions. This is safety rule number one that we promote at Dovetail Driving.

Therefore, you will learn that indicating, keeping distance with the car ahead, checking your mirrors for other traffic and blind spots, and turning your headlights during bad weather conditions.

Also, you will be able to keep a steering wheel effortlessly, avoiding nervous abrupt driving.

Book your lesson with Lisa. Call today:

0427 036 106

Leaving the Freeway

Learn the best praxis of exiting the freeway without building dangerous situations.
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Leaving the freeway is so much easier than entering it, especially when you already are in the exiting lane. However, there are still few tricky situations, to which Lisa from Dovetail Driving will advise you.

You must be aware of your freeway exit way in advance to change lanes to the correct one. You can’t do that abruptly, as you have already learned in changing lanes, but proceed to your designated lane gradually.

Don’t rely on your instincts but get a professional instructor.

Phone and book your next leaving freeway lesson.

0427 036 106

Emergency or Car Breakdown

Have skills to conduct him/herself in case of emergency or car breakdown.

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It could be nerve wracking to have a sudden car emergency breakdown. The anxiety may become greater if happens to inexperienced motorist.

At Dovetail Driving, we’ll have you covered. Step by step, we will simulate one of freeway and show/teach you how to pull to the emergency lane, switch the hazard lights and then cautiously return to the traffic.

Lisa will get covered all the aspects of your emergency or car breakdown on freeway.

Phone Dovetail Driving at

0427 036 106

Freeway Driving Lessons Overview

Any vehicle driver must be vigilant when deciding on a freeway trip because traffic travels at high speed. Therefore, driving on a freeway may present quite a challenge, particularly to an inexperienced driver. Depending on the learner’s ability and advancement, Dovetail Driving offers comprehensive lessons on freeway driving, including difficult morning rush hour and night driving lessons.

Book a freeway driving lesson with Lisa today. Call 0427 036 106

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Freeway Driving Frequently Asked Questions

Can L platers drive on the freeway in WA?

Learner drivers are allowed to drive on the freeway and are encouraged to complete their supervised driving experience in various traffic and weather conditions.

Dovetail Driving School incorporates freeway driving lessons into the intensive course for manual and automatic cars, and additionally, individual freeway lessons are available on request.

How to merge correctly when entering freeway?

On the new on-ramp broken or dotted merge lines, the entering vehicles must now give way to freeway traffic.

Main Roads WA congestion program director James Dobinson said that“Drivers need to get up to speed as soon as they can, indicate and then move into the next lane just like they are changing lanes. It is also important for drivers to be courteous and leave a gap in the traffic or move to the right lanes.”

Where there are no lines, the old rule applies: the vehicle in front of you has the right of way.

How do change lanes on the freeway in WA?

When changing lanes you must give way to any vehicle already in the lane you’re moving into and generally, the car in front has right of way.

Things to remember

  • indicate your intentions to other motorists,
  • check your mirrors and blind spots,
  • keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front.
Is it legal to stop on the freeway?

You cannot stop on the freeway unless you are using the emergency stopping lane.

Is it illegal to drive under the speed limit in WA?

In Western Australia, you cannot drive slower than 20 km/h under the designated speed limit.