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Parking Lessons

The best lessons how to park a car for beginners and advanced.


Parallel parking


Perpendicular parking


Reverse parking


Angle parking

Parallel Parking

Parallel Parking is also called Kerbsite Parking. Depending on how you approach the bay, it can be the easiest or more complicated.

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Ever missed a kerbside parking spot because you can’t manoeuvre your car in?

Never again! Hardest made easy: Lisa will show you how to master Reverse Parallel Parking quickly! Park close to the kerb between two cars safely and effortlessly.

It’s not too late to learn if you have your licence already and want to brush up on your skills or start from scratch.

Lisa can help.

Find out how, CALL today:

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Perpendicular parking

Forward Perpendicular Park well like everyone else and maintain safety in car parks for both people and property.

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That’s normal parking smile.

Learn how to do a forward Perpendicular Park both on the left and the right between two cars safely and so your passengers can open their doors!

Follow Lisa’s simple steps.

Phone and book perpedicular parking lesson now!

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Reverse parking

Let Dovetail Driving teach you how to reverse into your parking bay effortlessly.

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At Dovetail Driving, Lisa will teach you how to Reverse Park between two cars.

Park like a pro!

Phone Dovetail Driving at

0427 036 106

Hill Street Parking

Drivers often forget this important parking technique. Hill Street Parking relieves the concern of a car rolling downhill while parked next to the curb.

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This is also called Downhill Parking.

Take the opportunity to learn how to park next to the curb and ensure your car won’t roll down the hill if your breaks fail, by following these “Downhill Parking Steps.”

Call Lisa to book a parking lesson at

0427 036 106

Parking Lessons Overview

Parking can be the most feared teaching task for parents and new drivers, and some experienced drivers. It needs to be taught and practised well. Parking requires specific turns at specific times at specific speeds. These skill sets are essential for all drivers. Dovetail Driving Students will learn under close supervision and guidance to maintain safety and build trust in manoeuvring the car in different situations using dual controls.  It is a skill that Dovetail Driving does well.

When you choose Dovetail Driving School, Lisa will patiently teach you to follow specific steps to park with confidence.

You will learn:

  • wheel position and placement
  • judge the distance of your car compared to the other vehicles and to the curb
  • park your car accurately after the assessment.

Learn to drive a manual or automatic car


Lisa will tailor your lessons to your own paticular needs and cirumstances.


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Parking Lesssons Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 main types of parking?

See here.

How do I get better at parking?

Parking, parking, and more parking. Guess where people ask for the most help??

Someone once said to me that you need to make 10 attempts to get it right and then 10 attempts to keep it right!!

But if your technique isn’t correct, you’ll be trying forever!! The secret is in the turning circle of the car and how the wheels turn.

Come, let me help you…

How do you park a car for beginners?

Beginners? Does that mean you learn to drive?

Let’s start with the comprehensive driving lessons: manual or automatic. The parking lessons are included in our packages.