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8 Reasons Why It Is Worth Learning To Drive Manual Car In Perth

Is It Preferable To Learn To Drive A Manual Car In Perth?

One of the first choices you have to make when you decide to learn to drive is whether to learn in a manual car or an automatic one. If you’re about to start driving lessons and are struggling to determine which option is right for you, read on for everything you need to know about learning to drive a manual car in Perth.

1. Increased Control

If you choose to drive a manual car, then you will benefit from having more control over the vehicle. This is because you alone decide when to shift gears; in an automatic, the ECU will do this instead.

Automatic cars can be slower to respond to changes in terrain, which is why many prefer the manoeuvrability offered by a manual vehicle when driving in the hills in Perth, where roads can be twisty and unevenly slopped. If you travel abroad a lot and regularly rent a car, you will also benefit from having better control in a manual, especially in wintry conditions.

Manual Cars Are More Fuel Efficient - Dovetail Driving School Northern Suburbs Carine, WA 60202. Improved Fuel Efficiency

In recent years, there’s been a lot of back and forth over whether manual or automatic cars are more fuel efficient. Older manual vehicles, in particular, tend to have better fuel mileage than their automatic counterparts, so they can be more cost-effective in the long run. Given the high costs of fuel in WA, a manual car may be the better option, especially if you spend a lot of time in regional areas.

3. Enhanced Driving Experience

Many see driving a manual car as a more fun experience since it requires you to be much more involved in the “mechanics” of driving. A manual car is usually better at moving the power from your engine to your wheels. This means you can enjoy a much more thrilling experience and push your vehicle to its limits, especially in areas with varying terrain. You will definitely get more excitement driving a manual car on Perth Hills’ winding roads.

4. Durability

In the past, manual cars were considered much more durable than automatic ones because they offered better mileage and experienced fewer problems. However, technology has improved rapidly, so automatic cars aren’t as far behind as they once were. That being said, manual cars do tend to last longer and are cheaper to maintain, which leads nicely to our next point.

5. MaintenanceDriving A Manual Car Gives More Fun Experience

It goes without saying, but regular maintenance on your car will be essential to your safety and driving experience. If you own a manual car with much less complicated tech than an automatic, you can expect to pay less for repairs and services. For similar reasons, manual cars tend to be less expensive to buy.

6. Performance

If you’re a keen driver, then it is likely that you will enjoy learning in a manual car much more than in an automatic. Most enthusiasts prefer the manual since it offers better acceleration and speed control. Plus, you’re much more engaged with the car, which can provide an enhanced experience.

7. You Can Drive Both Manual And Automatic

One of the most significant advantages of getting a manual licence is that you can also drive an automatic car once you pass your test. However, if you learn in an automatic car, you cannot drive a manual since this requires a different set of skills. Even if you’ve got your automatic licence, learning to drive a manual vehicle can still be beneficial. Once you learn manual driving, you’ll have more versatility on the road.

8. Travel PlansRent To Drive A Manual Car In Europe - Dovetail Driving School Northern Suburbs Carine, WA 6020

If you’re hoping to travel and drive abroad, then having the ability to drive a manual car is beneficial since some countries, like those in Europe, favour manual vehicles.

If you’re looking into learning to drive in Perth, make sure to get in touch with us today. Lisa, the owner/operator of Dovetail Driving School, teaches both manual and automatic lessons and offers upgrades, so no matter your preference, make sure to call and get started with your manual transmission car lessons today!

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