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Can You Drive A Manual Car With An Automatic Licence?

Learning to drive is an exciting time for many. Some choose an auto licence to get on the road quicker, which makes sense.

Until they realise they need to handle a stick shift vehicle for one reason or another. Confused, they ask themselves: “can you drive a manual car with an automatic licence? Are you the one with that question?

Can I Drive A Manual Car With My Automatic Licence?

Can You Drive A Manual Car With An Automatic LicenceYou may think that once you’ve passed your driving test, you’ve got a permit to drive any car. While that may be true if you’ve gone down the manual driving lesson route, automatic drivers must do extra work to be eligible to drive every car. If you have a C-A driver’s license, WA requires you to complete a C-class manual license upgrade to be eligible to drive in a manual car.

OK, But Can I Drive A Manual?

Absolutely not!
An auto licence C-A is a restricted licence. While you may physically be able to do it, it’s not legal.

So, What Now?

You need to do a manual licence upgrade.

Do I Need To Get A Learner’s Permit?

Short answer- Yes.
Long answer- Ask for A Learner’s Permit to have the “Auto Restriction” taken off your licence.

Do I Need “L” Plates?

Yes, but only while you are in training in the manual car.

Do I Need Lessons To Go From Automatic To Manual Licence?

Most probably.

Lisa is skilled in knowing what you are doing well and where you need to improve. Sometimes, only minor “tweaks” to your technique are required. She will ensure gear changes are being done correctly so the car isn’t damaged and you perform to the safe standard of WA drivers as you upgrade to full licence.

Lisa will also inform you of any bad habits you may have picked up since your Auto PDA!

How Many Lessons Would I Need?

This depends on the individual, as everyone is different, and the amount of practice you have. Those who have access to a manual car will get more practice.

Do I Need To Keep A Logbook?

Not this time, as you have already done many hours on the road.

If I Fail, Can I Still Drive?

Yes, you can still drive your auto car, just not the manual car.

How Much Will It Cost?

It should cost $104.40. This is the cost of your PDA, and if you fail, you’ll need to pay again.

If you want a new photo on your licence, it will cost an extra $30. If you are happy with the image, the details will be altered on the “system” until your licence is due for renewal.

Are you planning to upgrade your license in Western Australia? Dovetail Driving is your ideal choice. Get in touch with us today to book your first lesson.

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