Step into the World of Driving: A Single 1-Hour Driving Lesson


Book directly one 60-minute driving lesson with Dovetail Driving. To make an appointment, call Lisa at 0427 036 106, email her at or use our contact form.


1. Stepping Stone to Success: A Single 1-Hour Driving Lesson

Start your driving journey with our single 1-hour lesson. This comprehensive and individualised lesson is designed to introduce you to the world of driving, building the foundation for your future success on the road.

2. Your Pace, Your Lesson: Customised Learning

Every minute of our 1-hour driving lesson is tailored to your learning style and pace. Lisa Archer, the skilled, accredited instructor, provides personalised guidance, ensuring that this lesson is a stepping stone to your driving confidence and competence.

3. Safety First: In-Depth Instruction

Dovetail Driving School's 1-hour lesson covers key aspects of driving with a focus on safety. Lisa aims to foster an understanding of safe driving habits, equipping you with the knowledge to handle various road situations.


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