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Can I Hire A Car For Driving Test? Ask Your Driving Instructor

You are not sure your own vehicle is suitable for a driving test for one or another reason, so I should answer with a question to the question: “Can I hire a car for my driving test?” with:

Where are you going to rent the car?

Car Rental Company And Driving Learners

Most rental car businesses will only rent you a car if you have your full driver’s licence, meaning you can’t drive a rental car on your Ps. And you must be at least 21.

Find Out What Type Of Car You Need For Your PDA

can I hiire a car for my driving test

Now, having said that, there are other options!

But before we do that, you must look at your driver’s licence goal.

Hence, the first thing to consider is, do you want to pass a manual or automatic car driving test. Then choose accordingly.

Now, if you’re taking your driving test in Western Australia, you must have a drive-worthy vehicle before starting the test. So, the question is where and with whom you took your driving lessons.

Because the best way is to use the car you were taking your driving lessons because you already know the ins and outs of the vehicle.

Can I Rent A Car For The Driving Test Using My Driving School Car?

Of course, if you have taken driving lessons with a paid instructor, the optimal solution is to use their car for the PDA. Most driving schools have car hire rental for a driving test in their packages, and some packages include a mock lesson before the Practical Driving Assessment. Most importantly, their vehicles are in impeccable technical condition. 

Still, you need to be aware that a car hiring fee is attached, just as you would hire a car for any other reason. 

Check The Price Before You Commit To Hire A Car For PDA

Most driving lesson companies in WA have similar prices for hiring cars for the Practical Driving Assessment. 

You may check out how much a vehicle costs online, but there are some things to consider: Suppose you decide to hire a car from a different company than your instructor. 

In that case, you probably will need to pay for an additional driving lesson to familiarise yourself with the vehicle. 

The best advice is to stick with your current driving instructor and the car you are already familiar with. 

If you have taken lessons with Lisa, hiring a Dovetail Driving car is the best answer.

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