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How Many Mistakes Are Allowed In Practical Driving Test In WA?

If you’re preparing to sit a practical driving assessment (PDA) in Western Australia, you might wonder how many mistakes you can make during the practical test. A survey conducted in 2018 found that over half of the learner drivers sitting their practice driving test, WA-wide did not pass – so you’re not alone in worrying about needing to sit your test multiple times!

However, before reaching this stage, it is essential to pass the learner’s practice test in WA to grasp the theoretical knowledge necessary for safe driving. We’ve put together this guide to help calm your nerves and give you the best chance of success in both the theory and practical tests.

Structure of the PDA

practice driving test WA

Ava before Practical Driving Assessment

The PDA takes approximately 35 minutes to complete and is conducted by a qualified assessor. During the test, your assessor will consider how well you drive and steer, follow the road rules, judge other traffic, and react to hazards that might come your way.


You can make particular mistakes during your test, which are classed as automatic fails. Others are considered minor errors but can lead to a fail, depending on how many you accumulate. The point is that you don’t look at how many major mistakes in driving test but at critical errors resulting in automatic fails, and these include:

  • failing to stop at a stop sign,
  • excessive speeding,
  • disobeying road signs,
  • driving without a seatbelt,
  • refusing to take part in the driving test,
  • and refusing to follow directions.

Repeated driving errors include mistakes you make repeatedly. These might be failing to perform shoulder checks, indicating or steering incorrectly, stalling your car, or not maintaining a good position in your lane. You can fail your test if you score four or more repeated errors during your test.

How Many Points To Pass Driving Test In WA?

Non-critical errors are less serious mistakes that don’t cause any danger to other road users. You can make up to ten non-critical errors during your test and still pass, provided you don’t commit any critical errors. You will fail your test if you score more than eight of these errors.

Get Confident Behind The Wheel With Dovetail Driving School

The best way to minimise mistakes in the Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) is to choose a driving school that would fit your expectations and needs. If you’re looking for a qualified, friendly Perth driving instructor for yourself or your child, you’ve come to the right place. Lisa Archer is an experienced driving instructor and owner of the Dovetail Driving School. With Lisa, you have the best possible driving supervisor. She takes great pride in seeing her students excel and gain confidence on the road.

Therefore, Lisa will teach you or your child to avoid making mistakes during PDA. Also, she will let you use the Dovetail Driving car for the Practical Assessment, too. Consider utilising the free Keys2drive lesson with Lisa to assess your readiness for PDA. Lisa commits to the highest standards of professionalism and safety and treats all her students individually, tailoring lessons to suit particular skills, styles and needs. Get in touch with Lisa today at 0427 036 106.

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